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About Reesor’s

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Reesor's is a long-standing family business that has been serving the Thornhill community since 1972 in the Thornhill Farmer's market. My family and I took the helm of Reesor's in 2008.

I grew up on a farm in Greece where my family milked cows, and raised sheep, goats, pigs, and chickens. My parents also owned a local Tavern where we served our customers fresh farm meats that we raised ourselves. Fresh and local food was an instrumental part of my life since childhood and hence my vision of sharing fresh food with others was formed.

When I came to Canada, I brought along these hopes and dreams. My love of food led to my first business, which was a cheese shop in Toronto. Shortly after, I found the opportunity to provide fresh and local meats, while continuing with my passion for cheese by acquiring Reesor's.

Today, we sell fresh organic and free-run game meat, specialty cheeses, fresh eggs, along with many other specialty food products. I have never forgotten my vision and values when it comes to food. I am happy to share my knowledge of food, my commitment to serving quality products, and my dedication to sourcing the best local food for you.

Here at Reesor's we strongly value family, friends, and gatherings and take great pride in delivering high quality foods to make any family occasion or gathering a success. If you need something special, or unique, talk to us and we will be happy to make it happen.

Our Mission

To provide fresh, local quality foods at the highest standard. We are committed to supporting local small farms and our community.

Customer Satisfaction

We value customer satisfaction and will ensure the best and personal customer service experience for those who come through our doors.

What we do

We provide a 'personal touch' to all of our customer orders. We will help make your next event a special one or help you pick out the best cuts of meat.


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