Why Organic

we are committed to providing certified organic meats

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At Reesor's, we believe in the quality of the organic meats, cheese, and eggs for you to select from to help you make the right choices for you and your family.

Organic and conventional food must meet the same quality and safety standards. Organic food differs from conventionally produced food simply in the way it is grown, handled and processed.

  • No pesticides or herbicides are used
  • Non-GMO feed used
  • No hormones and antibiotics are used
  • Strict guidelines involved in order for meat to be certified organic
  • Food is local, fresher

Organic Food and Ethics

Organic foods promote more humane treatment of animals, as well as providing meat that is free from hormones and antibiotics. Also, some people worry about the long-term health, economic and environmental consequences of GM foods and choose organic foods in support of an industry that does not use GM techniques.

Better for the Environment

Organic foods promote healthier and more sustainable use of natural resources. Modern farming methods, including excessive use of chemicals, have led to a decline in soil fertility, and an increase in salinity and blue-green algae in waterways over many years.

Our Mission

To provide fresh, local quality foods at the highest standard. We are committed to supporting local small farms and our community.

Customer Satisfaction

We value customer satisfaction and will ensure the best and personal customer service experience for those who come through our doors.

What we do

We provide a 'personal touch' to all of our customer orders. We will help make your next event a special one or help you pick out the best cuts of meat.


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